Henry Ford the Man

Henry Ford the Man

Ford Had What it Took to Change the World

There is no doubt that if Henry Ford had not stepped up to develop the automobile industry in the United States, someone else would have. Ford was such a unique character, seemingly endowed with every trait necessary to revolutionize the world as no one else had up until the 20th century. The man was obsessive, dictatorial, abusive and utterly without conscience. He was 100 per cent certain of his superiority, infallibility and righteousness of purpose. He was a king and made a King’s arbitrary decisions without even thinking of the effect on others, much less considering their opinions or feelings.

Thank the heavens! From what deep well is the nation fortunate enough to draw these men, when the moment in history is ripe for them to step forward and change the course of our lives for the better?

Ford was born in 1863 on a family farm. In 1863, steam engines ran the railroads and factories. The internal combustion engine was still decades away from serious development. How did this kid, raised in such a technologically deprived life identify the potential of the internal combustion engine, envision the possibilities and put a whole country on wheels?

Purity of character in the rough and tumble days of the 19th and 20th centuries was not a prerequisite for building an empire. The railroad and steel tycoons, as well as the automobile tycoons did not do what they did for altruistic purposes lift up the impoverished masses. They didn’t even do it for money. They did it because that’s what they were wired to do, and despite the pain they caused along the way, the country is better off for their efforts.