Who Was Henry Ford | 8 Facts

Who Was Henry Ford | 8 Facts

Henry Ford was an amazing person, but just how amazing? Here’s the short list:

1.    He once held an engineering position at Detroit Edison, the area’s electric company (still is to this day).

2.    He said, “A Business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”, which is one of my favorite business quotes. There is shelf after shelf of business books, right now, at the bookstore extoling their knowledge of customer service, treating your customer like gold, being present, you name it. Henry Ford knew that 100 years ago.

3.    He revolutionized modern industry with the concept of the assembly line.

4.    His first automotive company was called “The Henry Ford Automotive Company”, but he disagreed with their methods and left. That company later became Cadillac Motors.

5.    Ford sold almost 17 million Model T’s world-wide during the 19 year production run, a feat that is still impressive almost 100 years later.

6.    In 1914, Ford offered his workers an unheard of $5 a day salary. The average at the time was $2.34. In fact, while other companies focused on how cheap they could get their labor in order to increase profits, Ford focused on creating a well-made yet inexpensive vehicle quickly.

7.    Henry Ford owned not one, but two airplane production companies and helped America win both WWI and WWII with his innovations.

8.    He wrote several anti-Semitic articles in 1918, which he later apologized for, yet he is frequently cited as being sympathetic to Hitler in WWII. In fact, Ford was sickened by the Holocaust.